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Hex Nut

Flange Nylock Nuts

Flange Nylock Nuts : Of all the Hex nut manufacturers in India, Best quality fasteners' hex nut of Rudrapur stands out in term of its quality and trust. Hexagonal in shape these nuts are fasteners with a threaded hole and has 6 sides. They have internal screw thread that is fitted with a bolt. These nuts are graded with strength compatible with their respective bolts . Quality wise our hex nuts stand apart from the rest of nuts available in market as they are made from standard quality metal. Hex nuts are demanded on regular basis by mechanical and engineering industries and we cater to these needs by coming out with hex nuts required by the current market scenario. Hexagonal nuts are more versatile in nature. Our hex nuts are corrosion resistance, breakage resistance under tension and due to their accurate dimensions. Our nuts are not only demanded and approved in India but also across the world.


Size : M3 - M24
Material - MS, class 6,Class 8 ,Class 10, SS

Hex Nut        Hex Nut